Reds Volleyball Sale
Oct 14-Dec 25, 2021 8:00 AM-5:00 PM, Fredericton, NB, Canada
As part of Volleyball Canada's new rollout of sanctioned volleyballs, the club is looking to reduce the cost of updating its volleyball inventory by selling some new, lightly used, and used volleyballs.

The following are available for sale:

1. Mikasa VQ2000 new volleyballs - 14-15U: Qty Price: $45
2. Mikasa VQ2000 used volleyballs - 14-15U: Qty Price: $25
3. Mikasa MVA200 new volleyballs - 16U-Senior: Qty Price: $80
4. Mikasa MVA200 used volleyballs - 16U-Senior: Qty Price: $40

Note: Brand new volleyballs are ones that were never used by any team. They are clean with no markings.
Used volleyballs may have some scuff markings and have a Reds identity marking.

To purchase a ball, register via this web site. You can visit the Reds Volleyball office at 273 Queen Street between 8-4 pm M-F to pick up your ball. Balls are only available for local pickup only at the RVC office.


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